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Tony is a long-time Jackson County resident, a lawyer, former prosecutor, small business owner, civic activist, and proud husband and father. Tony has served as Jackson County Legislator in the 3rd District At-Large seat since 2015, and is running for re-election in 2022.

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Any elected official’s number one priority should be to be a trustworthy steward of the taxpayers’ dollars. I am working for a change in how your tax money is budgeted and spent. The budget is the document that states what our priorities are and what we value. Regretfully, I have had to vote “No” on the budget more than once because it has not represented the values of my constituents or met their needs. I have been having conversations in the community about the concept of equity in the use of resources instead of simply horse-trading over pet projects between the legislative districts. In other words, we should be figuring out collectively what the needs of the community are and respond by budgeting to meet those needs.



It is imperative that our county government play an active role in fostering economic development. Jackson County must take the lead in continuing to push the expansion of our trail network and its connection to other trail systems across the county and region.  We can also promote projects like the proposed development of the land around the Rock Island Rail Corridor, such as the land around the stadiums and the sites for potential investment along the trail route. Studies from all across the country have shown that similar projects have resulted in a multiplier effect for the public and private dollars spent on trails ultimately generating two to three times what was invested.  Imagine the other benefits to our county when we connect communities across the region through healthy activity.  I am proud of what we have accomplished to date and I look forward to continuing to support this work.



I was blessed to serve on the Drug Commission before I was elected to this office.  Sometimes referred to as COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax), our community chose to tax itself with the purpose of using a holistic approach to deal with the crime problem at the time of its enactment, and renewal.  As the issues in our society have changed, so has COMBAT in its move toward a more general crime prevention model through drug and crime prevention programming, along with substance abuse treatment; in lieu of only funding punishment related costs.  This was something that the county and the public chose to do because it represented our needs and values.  I am committed to continue supporting this holistic approach to crime prevention.


State law defines what we must do as a county (through the various county offices / elected officials).  For example, we must provide a courthouse to the Courts.  We must provide a jail to the Sheriff. We must fairly and accurately assess taxes.  We must collect taxes and send those funds to the intended recipients, whether it be state or local taxing jurisdictions.  I remain committed to ensuring that the County does this part of our job well.  After those functions, much of what we do is what “we” choose to do and I look forward to working with the community and my colleagues to make smart choices. 

Serving the people of Jackson County is my passion.
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